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We have one of the largest selections of model trains in New England. We have all the top names brands like Marklin, LGB, Lionel, and MTH, as well as accessories. See what brands we carry.

Service Department & Repairs

For over 40 years we have been a service station for all major brands of model railroad equipment. Please call or stop in with any of your problems. We have the solutions. We have a Complete electronics department with the latest test equipment for the modern model railroad electronics.

Knowledge Base

What size (Scale) would you like? Time Machine carries seven (7) different scale models. (See below)

Be careful when choosing - If you don't have a lot of space you might consider a smaller size.

Track Gauges - Gauges are basically the width of the track. Typically, you want the gauge size of your track to be the same size as your scale. For example, if your scale size is HO, then your gauge size should also be HO. There are some cases when you would use a different size gauge, feel free to ask one of our sales staff if you have any questions.

Digital or Analog? Digital is a little more expensive but does not require any additional wiring. Analog is not as expensive but requires extensive wiring if your running multiple trains.

Steam, Diesel, or Electrical - You might want to consider choosing an "Era" for your train set. Make sure that you get the right type of locomotive for the time period. You wouldn't want an electrical train for the early 1800's, you would want a steam driven locomotive.

Marklin or not Marklin. Marklin is a unique brand. When considering purchasing this brand there are a few things to consider.

Train Layout

Bring your kids or grandchildren to see one of the largest Model Railroad exhibits in the country. Open to the public every 1st and 3rd Sunday.

 Train Scales (Sizes)

What are Train Scales? Sizes really. Each scale represents a different size. Each size is based on the actual size of the real train. For example, the HO scale is 1:87. That means that the size of the real train is 87 times bigger (Approx.) than the model.

Train Scales

G Scale: 1:22 | O Scale: 1:48 | HO Scale: 1:87 | N Scale: 1:160 | Z Scale: 1:220

There are many other scales available, the ones listed here are the ones that we carry at Time Machine Hobby.